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Gone Cachin' Mobile Geocaching Store | Archived News

Gone Cachin' | Archived News

   Website & Geocaching Profile Update

     Gone Cachin’ Website & Geocaching Profile Update

     Check out my updated Geocaching Profile! New Look and access to useful links for Gone Cachin'. On the profile page click on the image
     links for the Web Site, GC3X33T Cache Page, Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

  Posted by CaladorGCS on December 15, 2014

   The New Mobile Store and Preforming Cache Maintenance

     My vision for the store has reached a new Milestone!

     Gone Cachin' and The Things We Seek cache will be unavailable until the 15th of July! Afterwards, seeking or revisiting the cache/store
     will be a whole different experience! When I first started Gone Cachin' I had one vision in mind a complete Mobile Geocaching Store
     experience. I wanted every detail to match that of a professional looking store with the mobility fit for a Geocacher. My vision was
     much bigger than my wallet so I directed my attention to my stores inventory and over time I was able to save enough to acquire the
     necessary funds to order the mobile Gone Cachin' Geocaching Store! It's a completely custom mobile store small enough for Geocaching
     events with all the room I need to hold all my Geocaching Merchandise! It's completely Powered by the Sun and Wheelchair Accessible.

     My dream for the store is finally starting to transform into what I truly intended it to be! I'll still manage the Mobile Store from
     my current location but some other interesting places as well. I might even be in your neck of the woods, up north at my camp, or at
     any of of the New England Geocaching Events! Have a special Birthday Geocacher I can bring the whole store right to you for a surprise
     shopping spree. Many exciting announcements to come! Can't wait to reopen up the 15th of July!

  Posted by CaldorGCS on July 02, 2014

   Gone Cachin' - Established On-line Presence

     Established On-line Presence

     I officially registered the domain www.gonecachin.com at 12:00am on August 31st of 2012!
     We officially have a Geocaching Store in New England!

  Posted by CaldorGCS on August 31, 2012

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