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The Things We Seek (GC3X33T)
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Welcome Geocaching Community!

The cache is accessible at 15 Taylor St. Look for the Geocaching flag and follow the blue retaining
wall up the drive to the parking area. Stop into the store or follow the Geotrail to The Things We Seek.

If your just looking to make a traditional find, the cache is available to find daily 8:00am to 8:00pm.
The cache page is updated regularly, check to see if I'm avalable during the hours listed below:


Tentative/Cache Only
Tentative/Cache Only
5:00 pm. to 8:00 pm.
12:00 noon to 5:00pm
12:00 noon to 5:00pm
12:00 noon to 5:00pm
Tentative/Cache Only

Fellow Geocachers are welcome to stop by after hours or
on tentative days, with a 65% probability of my availability.

Availability Color Code: Green=Available / Red=Closed / Orange=Tentative:See logs.

Please check the cache page prior to arriving for any updates. If there are any changes in
my available hours or my location, I will post a note detailing those changes on The Things
We Seek cache page. Put on your cache Watch List for updates! You can also Contact me
at (603) 438-2718 for verification and questions. If necessary Ring the Bell for Service!

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15 Taylor Street, Nashua, NH N 42° 44.724 W 071° 27.460

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Geocaching is one of the most compelling activities for getting out and fulfilling the urge to discover. It is a great way
to get the family outdoors, or to roam the city with friends, discovering areas you normally overlook, and the ingenuity
of fellow geocachers. An afternoon of geocaching may have you finding a waterproof geocache on the side of a mountain,
or being the first to discover a magnetic nano cache hidden under a stairwell in a city skyscraper.

The successful geocacher will strive to fill one of our weatherproof Rite in the Rain logbooks, or perhaps attempt to
stump other geocachers with the Hanayama Nutcase puzzle cache, or a clue written with an invisible ink pen.
Serious geocaching enthusiasts keep black light flashlights handy to decipher messages written in UV ink, as
often one nano cache will bear clues to other hidden micro caches. With geocaching, you can be the detective or the
puzzle maker -- finding or hiding geocaches wherever your imagination or routine takes you. Cachemark nano geocaches
are small enough to be challenging to find, and feature magnets to allow them to be hidden in urban areas. A telescoping
inspection mirror
should be in every serious geocacher's toolkit to help sleuth out these tiny caches.

Trackables offer another fascinating way to geocache. Our selection of Travel Bugs allow you to track their paths
online as they travel from cache to cache around the globe. Release a Travel Bug into the world and experience vicarious
travel as each new geocacher discovers it, maybe taking pictures of the location where it was found.

Letterboxing is an offshoot of geocaching that combines block printing, orienteering, and puzzle solving where puzzle
makers and solvers collect each other's stamped insignias in their logbooks. We carry letterboxing supplies for creating
your own unique insignia to put your stamp on puzzles you solve or create. 

Explore the world and your imagination with geocaching supplies from gonecachin.com.

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