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   Gone Cachin’ Epic Milestones Act 4.5

     Epic Milestones Act 4.5 (GC71EDC)
       Open House Style Event at 15 Taylor Street 1:00pm - Anytime - 4:00pm March 17th

       This event is being held to Redo the September 17th event celebrating all geocaching milestones, big and small… Whether it’s your first or
     5000th find, 50th hide or 10th year in geocaching we want to celebrate it! Everyone has some kind of milestone to celebrate! Stop by anytime
     during the posted hours (1-4) and stay as long or as short as you like. I’ll have a fire burning for warmth and enjoyment. Drinks, snacks, and a
     grill will also be available to use! I am well recovered and unless there is a winter storm this event is on!

       Right off Main street near downtown Nashua surrounded by many glorious caches for your finding enjoyment. Street parking available along
     Taylor Street 1pm-4pm. Parking is available on both sides.

     Raffles & Activities:

  •     The Raffles - Finalize last years Trackable Race and Mega Raffle.
  •     We plan to have a fire burning for warmth and enjoyment.
  •     More to be announced the day before the event…

    2015 Trackable Race:
       The (EpicGCS3) Race will be closing out it run this year for Accumulated Miles! We will be awarding the winners during this event or I will be in
     contact with you to make arrangements for delivery!
     Check Results! - in 1st Place EpicGCS3 - Duck on the Run - 2GeoHounds in 2nd Place EpicGCS3- Lynx - phild31!

  Posted by CaladorGCS on March 2, 2017 at 6:00pm

   Gone Cachin’ Website Update

     New Gone Cachin’ Website Updates and Changes!

       Since the 17th I've put a lot of work into making a much cleaner look, and simplifing my information. I've continued to add more to the website;
     I've added a Photo Gallery, a Featured Products page, Google Maps to the Calendar page, a forest themed Footer, and several numerous
     changes that are so blured in by everything I've gotten done. I beleve every server side issue has been addresed and today I started atempting
     a mobile version of the site so that you can have an even better experience useing the New Gone Cachin’ Website!

  Posted by CaladorGCS on March 31, 2016 at 4:37am

   New Gone Cachin’ Website

     New Gone Cachin’ Website Presence!

       Gone Cachin’ Website Presence has been completely overhauled! Gone Cachin has a fresh new look and access to my Square catalog.
     Using image links will help you access areas for the Store, GC3X33T Cache Page, Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

       It was indeed a learning experience for me, I have made several websites before. At the time I only used a “What You See Is
     What You Get” program to accomplish my work. My only other experience, using html was building cache pages. This time I spent
     the last 16 days learning to build a website on my own. Two of these days I spent 36 hours and another two 24 hours days in
     the second week! However Today, in the early hours of my Birthday I have accomplished my new website to my satisfaction! My
     website has been reestablished and my new site is now live! I'm hosting it on my own server insuring that I will be able to
     keep costs down while providing access to all the information required.

     I've even started working on version 2.0 with a little less sleepless days!   Some downtime maybe expected as I continue to update the site and server.

  Posted by CaladorGCS on March 17, 2016 at 5:12am

   Gone Cachin' was in The Hippo: New Hampshire's Weekly

   There's a store for that?

    There's a store for that? 20 local shops that specialize in cool costumes, pilot gear, yo-yos and more.

     Gone Cachin’
     15 Taylor St., Nashua, 438-2718, gonecachin.com

     What’s for sale: The store got started three years ago by Calador Cala to supply so-called “geocachers” with all the gear they’d need to
     hide and find geocaches in New England woods. Geocaching (pronounced “geo-cashing”) is a hobby that involves hiding a small box
     somewhere in a forest and sharing the GPS coordinates with a simple clue for others to find it. Finding the store shouldn’t be too hard.
     It’s generally located at 15 Taylor St. in Nashua in a handicapped-accessible trailer outfitted with solar panels, LED lights, windows
     and an awning. “There’s a lot of geocachers in the area. Thousands,” said Cala. “I’d say I’ve got a pretty good flow of people throughout
     the week.” Cala also takes his store to various geocacher conventions like the Cookie Crumbles Event in Concord that took place earlier
     in November.

     He sells containers for geocaches such as military-style ammo boxes and logs made into custom containers, camouflage duct tape and
     camouflage spray paint. “The zip ties are even camouflaged,” said Cala. He also sells journals, telescoping mirrors with lights, UV
     lights for detecting invisible ink markers and general equipment for dealing with outdoor environments like tick removers. The store
     is open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. and Tuesday 5 to 8 p.m. Cool thing to buy: You can buy “trackables”
     like $15 geocoins, which travel from geocache to geocache by the people who find them while the originators can track their progress

     By Allie Ginwala [email protected]
     Kelly Sennott [email protected]
     Ryan Lessard [email protected]
     Angie Sykeny [email protected]

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